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Cool Down This Summer With Leyuan Inflatable Wet Water Slide

Jun 15 , 2021

If you are looking for something specially for children and adults to play during the summer season. One popular inflatable water slide would be the best choice for you. Consider Leyuan Inflatable Wet Slide with a splash pool for water collection. You just need a regular garden water hose to wet slide surface and remain it slippery at all time, then ride the slide down to the splash pool and enjoy the water fun!

Leyuan Inflatables Company provides various new design water slide, multi-themes and different heights for customers’ options. An Inflatable Slide with 10ft to 20ft is perfect to children. If you are looking for giant slide for adults, considering 33ft to 15ft tall slip and slide that would be the ideal alternative.

Buy Commercial Inflatable Slides and Inflatable Water Park Slide from Leyuan Inflatables, you can deserve: Fast Delivery, Best Materials, Quality Inflatable & Blower, After-Sale.

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