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Inflatable Bounce Houses Made In the USA vs

With a growing demand for inflatable water slides, moon jumps, inflatable bouncers and obstacle coursers the number of sellers is increasing. This number is especially growing fast among sellers who offer China-made bouncers. Nevertheless, not every inflatable jumper is created equal. The good saying is “You get what you pay for.”

The first inflatable structure was designed and invented in 1959 by John Scurlock in Shreveport, Louisiana who was experimenting with inflatable covers for tennis courts when he noticed his employees enjoyed jumping on the covers.”
Unfortunately, in the last few years, most U.S. manufacturers started importing all their products from China or, even worse, started to import preassembled bounce houses which they complete assembling in their facility and passing them off as “Made in the U.S.A.” As a matter of fact, there are only a few companies left who offer 100% Made in USA inflatable slide and moonwalks for sale. At first glance it seems that the price for US made inflatable bouncer is 10-15 % more expensive than China-made bounce house. However, paying a little more for moon bouncers can save a lot more money in the long run, not to mention save a rental company from a whole lot of aggravation and lost customers! Buying the cheapest inflatables can many times turn out to be “the most expensive inflatable purchase” you ever make. How much in lost rental revenue would incur if that bargain Inflatable falls apart in a few months, during the busiest season of the year? How much will it cost to ship approx. 230Lb item back and forth to manufacturer? How much will it cost to repair? How many lost rentals will it cause during that period? The final price for China-made bouncer can cost several thousands and the reputation of a company.

Rental companies face even bigger problems with low quality inflatable slide. Most companies simply stitch pieces of vinyl together to construct inflatables. It is done this way because it is the quickest, easiest and ultimately cheapest way to manufacture. But it also makes for the poorest quality water slide a rental company owner can purchase for 2 reasons:

1. An inflatable water slide that is simply stitched together will quickly fill with water that flows through the seam. This can make what is usually a 400lb inflatable, well over 600lbs after a 4 hour rental which makes quick deflation and transport of the slide impossible.

2. Water is not nearly as easy to get out of an inflatable as it is to get in. If one is a busy inflatable rental company who cannot afford the time it takes to completely dry out an inflatable slide after each use, one may now be confronted with the trouble of a smelly mildewed slide that no one wants to rent. Not to mention the fact that it probably won’t inflate well after a while because of the fact that the water has corroded the thread. Oh yeah, and don’t even think about calling the manufacturer, because even if a slide is still under it’s very short warranty, that warranty is void if it’s found that even the smallest amount of water was allowed to sit in the inflatable.

Unique World Inc. one of few direct manufacturers who offers 100% made in USA wholesale bouncers has paid close attention to the need of better manufactured products. By specializing in making backyard water slides they offer 3 year unbeatable warranty on all water slides. Each section of Unique World water slides and slips are first double and in some places triple stitched through reinforcement strips of 18.5 oz commercial grade vinyl just like any dry unit would be manufactured. But then, each section is taken over to the welding station where each seam has an additional piece of 18.5 oz vinyl that is heat welded over it so that when used, it prevents as much water from leaking in as possible. Needless to say, this method of manufacturing adds much needed strength, durability and longevity to the water slips and slides they sell. A sure fire testament to that is longest inflatable waterslide warranty in the industry: 3 years!


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